“Guard your heart, mind and time. Those three things will determine the health of everything else in your life.”― Andrena Sawyer

The heart is a very important part of the human biology. The heart is also the birthing place for ideas and it is linked to the mind. Just like we feed the human body we also feed the heart. We feed the heart from external factors such as books, music, films and daily life events. The heart and minds of men is constantly working.

Daily we are pressured; we are constantly under the pressure to measure up and attain security. Some have allowed the pressure to generate into envy and jealousy that evil has been conceived in their hearts. We need to constantly guard our hearts as out of it flows the issues of life. It is no joke that as man is a product of his thoughts. Often times, our thoughts end up becoming our reality so the question is what are we feeding our minds? Are we keeping our hearts pure and undefiled? Guarding our hearts entails dealing with the thoughts of emotions, the wellsprings of life, and those things that motivate and mold us. I am reminded of a very wise saying, “Your thoughts positive or negative, good or bad control your attitudes. And your attitudes are the sum total of your thoughts (HEART). Your attitudes lead to your actions”.


Have we heard of the concept ‘Garbage in, Garbage out’? Whatever thoughts we sow will definitely produce a harvest good or bad. An article sums it better by saying “Sow a thought, reap a deed. Sow a deed, reap a habit. Sow a habit, reap a character. Sow a character, reap a destiny.”

Most of the problems of the world originate from the heart, the constant hunger for power and fame even at the expense of the neighbor next door. A lot of people have developed hardened hearts and I don’t judge them because we sometimes mistake being strong with being hardened. What are we saying? What are we hearing and listening to? What are we conceiving to do and be in our hearts? Guarding your heart does not mean living in fear or anxiety; on the contrary it allows us the freedom to live freely and wholly. We all have some type of wall we have set up sometimes way too high, it is okay to allow people to have access to us we just need wisdom in setting the boundaries.

Now is the time for us to pause and reflect about our outlook and meditate on our thought processes. Is ‘Love’ our driving force because without love, there is no point in relating. Only love can save our generation. We need to learn how to govern our speech, guard our sights and guide our steps. Let us persevere in the face of trials and at every point of life let us keep a lowly heart and spirit because the high is for the lowly.


letter b

Have we ever been in the presence of an earthly king or influential person before?

How did we feel?

Did we feel secure, bold, courageous etc?

Did we feel special or privileged to stand before a revered person?

Or maybe we felt somehow powerful,

Whatever the case may be, I believe it feels good to be associated with royalty.

However, we are all royals in our own way,

We all carry presence because God made us so.

What are we doing with our position?

How dedicated are we in fulfilling the assignments given to us?

Why are we using our presence to intimidate?

Why have we become so emotionless?

What has happened to our humanity?

Where is love, the very basis of our existence?

How do we make people feel in our presence?

Are people excited to be around us or do they always look for excuses to run away?

What impact have we made in the lives of those around us?

No pressure but are we not made to add value to each other?

What have we done to make our world a better place?

It is easy to complain and throw blames however, we are all to blame.

We are responsible for each other

We are meant to be watchmen for each other

We are responsible for the peace of our communities

We are responsible for the wellbeing of our world

No one is self sufficient

We need each other

And please, never believe that you do not have anything to give or contribute

The world needs your uniqueness that only you have

And everything you need is on the inside of you

Reach down and take up the challenge


Together we can win the war against everything tearing us apart

The old and the young need to give mutual respect to each other

It takes the wisdom of the elders and young people’s energy to cause a change.

We’ve been divided for way too long,

Now is the time when we urgently need to look pass our ethnicities, religiosity and differences

We need to quit been hypocrites and take responsibility for our actions.

Let us let go of our ‘EGO’ which led to the fall of man from time in memorial

Now is the time when our presence should be felt positively because our future depends on the actions of today.

Let us drop our defenses rather lets us reason together because in togetherness wisdom is established.

Let us be united in our diversity for therein lies our strength

It doesn’t matter your background, it doesn’t matter what color of skin you have, it doesn’t matter your race, when we were born individually, We were born first as a human being (boy or girl),

Please let us end the war; war deprives us of seeing the beauty in ourselves and environment

Look around, what do we see?

The world will be so boring if we all act and behave the same

So bring your presence and I will bring mine and together, let us create a force that will change the cause of humanity for the better

Let us rewrite the wrongs of history; we have the pen in our hands and I plead with us to write songs of justice, love and hope. Let us sing songs of freedom and hope as loud as we can

We cannot stay silent

We need each other to survive,

In humility let us speak the truth in love

Remember that we are first of all human and humanity should be our only religion

Love should be our anthem and change starts with you.


Take a look at the mirror; are you happy with what you see? Many people look and see hurt, pains, heartbreak and many troubles. The conversation with self may go like if only I had that picture perfect body, if only I can look a little more dapper if only I can have longer hair, if only was smarter, if only I could be on time, if only I could achieve more, if only I could know more and looked more beautiful, if only and only if.


Hold on let's think about it for a minute. We can cry ourselves to sleep, we can shout but it won't change a thing. It's easy to complain but hey it only brings pain and depression. Society tells you how imperfect you are; they set very difficult standards and tell you those standards are never attainable. Your mind forms perceptions from around you and tell you that you have a problem. Society's standards make you lose yourself and leave you beaten, battered and broken. However friend no two people look and act the same even twins.

Stop giving people your heart to rip apart because you won't heal. Don't get stuck in how you feel. If you are tired of how you feel then it's time for you to get out the way. Renew your mind and change your perception knowing that as a man thinks so is he. Surround yourself with people who can encourage you. Find a shoulder to lean on.

Cheer up, chin up and chest out you are special. When next you look at the mirror, take an extra time to see and admire one of greatest master piece ever created. Shut out the negativity .Remember that you look so much better when you smile so smile.