This is a pictorial page telling a story about student life at Manchester Metropolitan University. It shows some of the activities of the students from in class activities to charitable works. It also shows some of the facilities owned by the school. The pictures also captures different buildings across the different campuses. MMU has a rich historical heritage that is evident in the naming of its different campuses. MMU also has the state of the art facilities that aid the effective learning of all their students preparing them for the larger society and also making them one of the most sort after graduates.

The Home of Humanities, Languages and Social Science: The Geoffery Manton Building.


Students at a charity event in the Business school.



The Room of Fashion and Design


"Many arts, Many Skill": MMU

fashion student

A prospective Fashion Designer


A project in progress


A Catholic Church

journalism books

A cross section of journalism books

outside view of the GM building

Night View of the GM building from outside