Have you ever imagined a world where the grasses are really green?

Where the skies are blue and the nightingales sing sweetly in the dark peaceful nights

A world where brothers will truly be each other’s keeper,

Where sisters would indeed be affectionate,

Where women will be mothers, sisters, friends, aunties who will raise world changing champions who are not selfish but the good of humanity at heart,

Where men will arise from their slumber and face their responsibilities as fathers, brothers, uncles and friends with courage shaping this generation and the next with the fear of God.

I have a song in my heart,

A song of freedom,

Freedom from ourselves,

Freedom from oppression, stagnation, humiliation, corruption,

Freedom from marginalization, violence, injustice, the digital divide

Freedom from everything tearing us apart as a family, country and as a nation.

I have a dream,

I dream of a world full of love and affection,

Unity and togetherness,

A world where the resources of the nation are shared with equity,

A world of peace and smiles where genuine happy faces are seen across every street and household,

A united nation,

A nation built on the solid rock which is love,

A nation that combines faith with works,

A nation governed by the words of God,

A Blessed Nation

A Beautiful Africa

A Beautiful World.